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Book driving lessons with your local driving instructors to pass your driving test in 1st attempt. Driving courses available at the cheapest rate with high pass rate.

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Pupils -

Looking for driving instructor? Want to book your driving lessons?

www.123Driving.co.uk provides a free driving lesson booking service for students looking for local driving instructors, ADI, schools within your local area.

Finding the right driving school is important for succeeding in learning to drive and passing your driving test. It is important to find a suitable driving instructor who makes you feel comfortable and confident while you are learning to drive.

Research undertaken by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) suggests that drivers who pass first time are the best prepared. Choosing the right driving instructor is a key part of this preparation. The right driving instructor will ensure that you are prepared for your test before the time arrives and will also provide you with useful information for once you have passed your test.
Helpful hints
When searching for driving schools, consider the following points:
For how long have he/she been a driving instructor?

Is ADI fully qualified? (i.e. Green Badge Holder)

What is your preference male and female instructor?

Same instructor will be available for the complete course?

Duration of one lesson

Types of car, age of cars, are they dual controlled?

Same car for every lesson?

Individual pick up service
Lessons on weekends

Discounts on block booking?

Which centre does he/she use?
Average pass rate?
What can a www.123Driving.co.uk do for me?
Local instructors/ schools -

We have an extensive database of DSA registered driving instructors, schools nationwide. We will pass on your details to them and you will get a call back.

Just send us an enquiry.
Get free driving lesson quote and pass for less

Extensive database of DSA registered driving instructors nationwide

Qualified, friendly local driving instructors to suit your needs

Compare prices of different local driving instructors and schools

Books the lessons as per your needs
No need to ring many instructors for lesson prices and availability

Free first lesson on bulk booking
* Depending upon the terms and conditions of our partner driving school. And discount offers are subject to change without any notice

www.123Driving.co.uk can help you search for the right driving instructor for your needs.

Fill in quick enquiry form with your details or call us free on 0800 043 44 60

We have partnered with driving instructors nationwide and you can a get a better deal from us.

Get special offers on driving lessons from driving instructors and driving schools in your area.

So why not give us a try?
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Any queries, contact us on driving@123Driving.co.uk
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www.123Driving.co.uk is the dedicated website to generate pupils leads for the local driving instructors and schools. Learner drivers requests are generated using our extensive internet marketing, telephonic marketing, publishing print advertisements on the popular directory services.

We have students looking for the driving lessons offers. Over 10,000 users register with us every month. We can pass their details directly to you. 
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We are licence holder of the official driving theory test questions from HMSO and the Driving Standards Agency. We run 2 websites related to the driving theory test.
Most trusted website - 1 million users/year

420,000 + registered users

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Looking for driving instructor? Book your driving lesson with local driving instructor, driving schools.
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