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Before starting the actual lesson, you need to decide which driving course is best suited for you. Depending on the time and the speed at which you want to learn, there are 3 types of Learner Programmes.
Hourly Tuition
The conventional method of learning, hourly tuitions offer one-to-one training over a period of an hour. This means that you can learn at your own pace and can take your time to practice actual road skills and develop a road sense. With this style, you only take your theory and practical tests when you and your instructor agree that you are ready.
Intensive home courses
An intensive course is a fast track version of the hourly tuition method. In the intensive course, you are given many more hourly sessions, and exposed to intense driving. This course style might lead to enhanced pressure and in turn there is an increase in failure rate. However on the other hand, if you are a confident driver, who has had previous driving experience, these courses can get you to learn quickly and cost effectively. Some intensive courses require that you should have passed your theory test, before you begin your driving lessons.
Intensive residential courses
Learning to drive does not get any more intense than this. In these type of courses you go through an intensive learning session either living on the driving school campus or in the vicinity of the Driving School. These training camps will make you eat, sleep and drink driving for several days and give you a driving test at the end. These courses should only be considered if you are able to take some time away from work or school. Compared to home-based intense courses, the pressure here is much more because you don’t have the liberty of taking your own time. Should have passed your theory test before embarking on such a course. A good opportunity to learn to drive in unfamiliar conditions. With courses available everywhere in the UK you can enjoy a holiday whilst learning to drive.

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